Yoga for everyone


For about 9 weeks now, I’ve been wrapping my head around this new endeavor called Yoga Well. It is only getting more enjoyable! This endeavor is about creating a space that makes Yoga accessible, that does increase the wellness of all within,  that promotes Community, and that does encourage experienced and new Yoga students to keep practicing.

Yoga is a huge world layered with potential. It is full of life breathing energy that usually leaves people in bliss, if they have been instructed appropriately for their bodies and are in congruence with their intentions with their teacher. Yoga has also become a place of gimics and fads, big selling ideas designed for profit, glamorized as a trendy beautifying resource,  and bombarded with intimidating Hollywood models and rich entrepreneurs.  Like anything, potential can go in more than one way.

My goal, and specific reasons for pooling all of my energy into one wonderful place, is to see that Yoga potential change lives in healthy and real ways for people, minus the trademarks. We’ve all heard stories of miraculous healings and life changing results that Yoga can bring. I’ve seen these stories in the news, online and in my very real life and students’ lives, and I do want to see more. My perspective on Yoga is that is personal, and not something that is digested the same for everyone. My perspective on healing is the same, that it is personal. I’ve lived long enough to see that when we agree and identify with an image or ideal (or sad story for that matter), it becomes the truth for the individual. My truth at Yoga Well is in creating a place that values Yoga for what Yoga is; Union.

Uniting with our mind body and breath happens with Yoga. This brings out our deeper awareness of ourselves. Over time, this inner awareness begins to reflect outward. When a healthy life becomes what is known, it becomes what we want for others too, thus a new story is born, and a world shift happens. When we want for others what we have ourselves, our whole community richens with open heartedness. I’ve glimpsed this potential thousands of times,(a world that we want for everyone, that everyone wants….),  and it is what continues to bring me to my commitment to my practice and to sharing it with others. This Yoga Well is for me. And it is for you.

I’ve practiced in many beautiful studios in Nevada County. In fact, I think Yoga Well is the 13th studio in town, not including gyms and other private fitness ventures. They all have unique and delightful features. Yoga Well is a reflection of that inspiration I’ve received with each practice. It is what I see and what I want to give. I got to take my first class here last week with Kathleen. I was in heaven. It is better to practice in than to teach in! 🙂 I also had my first community held meeting there last week. This was not a Yoga class, but a group of creative people pooling their talents for an inspiring show soon. I was in heaven! Offering the space for creative people and seeing the blossoming all around was also a gift. If you need a meeting spot, this is a great place for it too. It is peaceful, and so easy to focus at Yoga Well.

What continues to motivate me with my practice is the freedom to create it day by day. I aim to share this freedom with whoever wants some!  Thanks for reading my first blog. Keep practicing!



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