Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Sarah

Get in a good workout with a class that lets the postures move, assemble, and align you with grace. You’ll be safely lead through classic Ashtanga Yoga flows and modern Hatha and creative blends. You can still be a beginner or an advanced yogi in this flow class. It’s Ok to take a break if the challenge is enough. It’s Ok to keep working with your edge and endurance in practice. All will flourish here. All will gain strength and poise with a steady practice.

Grow Slow Yoga with Sarah

Treat yourself to a custom class to invoke personal release and calm. Everyone is healing from one thing or another on any given day. Let Grow Slow Yoga, a combination of gentle postures and restorative postures, serve your nervous systems abilities to self heal and to embrace sacred invitations to self-care time. Feel safe letting your practice needs be known to amplify your somatic and subtle experience. Embrace an introduction to breathing and meditation practices, followed by poses that will support you where you are at today. This class is for everybody, and ‘all levels’ Yogis.

Yoga Wellness with Sarah

When you’re feeling your best-do Yoga. When you’re feeling your lowest-do Yoga. What happens when we let our practice meet our physical and mental needs? Our bodies, minds and spirits harmonize as we let our intuitions prime our practice. Bring our “edge” to strong poses, or drop into a deeper state of union with longer held, gentle postures. All “levels” welcome as we combine methods for a well rounded practice to support beginners and experienced Yogis present in our intimate class sizes. Enjoy Classical Yoga postures, breathing articulation, and intentional inner gaze practices. Your Yoga is simply the right combination of methods to satisfy your goals today., ensuring the development of your Higher Self now and tomorrow. Let Yoga Wellness support your confidence and the vital health that ensues with a steady practice. Om.

Beginners Yoga with Jessa

Set yourself up for success by working with a beginners mind and letting a class support your beginner needs. Poses are gentle and struggle is left aside. You will gain strength and longer, leaner muscles, without strain and with a teacher devoted to your healthy, stable learning of traditional Yoga poses. Jessa’s classes need to be booked privately, so please text or call her. She will open your heart with Yoga and the sweet community that enjoys her practice guidance. Beginners of ANY AGE/ABILITY are welcome with a booking!

Golden Years Yoga(seniors) with Krista(ON HOLD)

Golden Years Yoga is for those with interested in body awareness, balance and personal well being. All ages welcome, with an emphasis on students who has reached “Senior Status”. Props are available (including chairs) and modifications are encouraged to accommodate any limitations, conditions or injuries. Krista brings her many years of experience as a private caregiver to meet the unique needs of her students.

Kids Yoga with Jess and Sarah(ON HOLD)

Sarah And Jessa work together to support your child’s exploration of a fun and playful yoga practice. Kiddos ages 3-8 join in pose sharing, yoga games, story time, restful practices, mindfulness, and self esteem building as they see themselves having a practice that is just for them. Drop-ins welcome, but please make a reservation so we know how to best serve your child or children.

Rainbow Yoga Crew with Sarah

Enjoy your Pride community building, through a supportive Yoga class. It’s time for pride to be flexed beyond the night life, and into our health and self care. Help be a part of creating safe and healthy space for all beings within the LGBTQ community, while supporting your own body and mind. Drop in-come late if you must….nobody turned away! This class is for any level of experienced yogis and complete beginners as well!Silence is not required; social stretching is supported. This is a donation based offering, but participants are welcome to purchase studio passes or just drop-in. Nobody turned away for lack of funds. You will leave feeling better and more connected to yourself, your spirit, and your community.

Acro Yoga Jam with Crew

This fun crew of regulars share their knowledge and their spirit of the sport of acro-yoga in a homegrown fashion. Acro poses feature strength building and heightened attuning to yourself and others as safety in technique and super fun power buildiers keeps us coming back for more. So fun! Drop in with a partner or solo! Play as a base, flier, or spotter. Find new friends, and new things to do with your old friends.

Ballet Barre

This beginners/intermediates ballet class is open to teens and adults. Sarah and Hilary co-op the class and take turns teaching it. They work together on Wednesday co-op nights and on Saturday ballet mornings. They also co-direct the Nevada County Dance Collective that ensures local dance artists have a space to rehearse and a performance goal with two artistic shows a year. Drop-in or commit to our amazing dance community at Yoga Well!

Yoga for Health with Krista

Krista makes yoga accessible and enjoyable to her students. Practices include poses that support a health plan. Feel free opening up to yoga’s influence on your health and let Krista lead you into feeling better than before. Some poses can help certain health problems, and Krista wants to explore that here. Drop in or commit to a regular sharing of greater health through yoga!

Bliss Out- Gentle Yoga with Krista

Enjoy a gentle practice, guided by a caring teacher. Return to hearing your essence with gentle, blissful yoga. You will be offered supportive postures that can always be adjusted to meet unique needs. Recovering from being a human can mean a simple step onto the mat where the rest of life is on hold, and space for your wiser, cared for nervous system can emerge and prosper.


Private Bookings may include Pranayama, Meditation, Asana focus, Reiki or energy work, yogic philosophy introduction, yoga teacher training accreditation, or just a private space to take time for your practice to develop. Inquire with Sarah, or your teacher to set up a session today!