Abby Gallant


Abigail’s path into the healing arts began when she attended her first and second Reiki training in 2011. The experience of realizing the power of intentional touch opened up her world and she began seeking out ways to bring this gift to those who are in need. She went on to study at The Massage School in Easthampton, MA and completed her studies there with an 800 hour certification in April 2013. From there she moved to Martha’s Vineyard and began a 5 year seasonal journey where she worked with local companies to provide mobile services at hotels, fitness centers, open air markets, and eventually branched off into her own flourishing private practice. In the off season she has had the opportunity to teach and provide bodywork to her New England based communities as well as during her many travels.

Always a student first her additional trainings include two 200 hour Yoga teacher trainings, over 100 hours of Thai Massage and AcroYoga trainings, Yin yoga certification, and many hours of additional workshops attended. Landing in the Grass Valley area in December ’17, Abigail is excited to bring her passion and love of healing arts to her new home and connect with the amazing community here.


When we expand ourselves and ask our bodies to move a bit deeper, we meet our internal rhythms, instincts, breath, and unique strengths – through getting to know our Selves better, we become both empowered and wise in the choices we make in life. Abigail believes that we learn most about ourselves when we are given the opportunity to explore and play freely. In her class and private session offerings you’ll learn to use your playful imagination, breath, and body to create practices that cultivate strong pillars in your life. Within that structure lies the potential to find more freedom and space for authentic expression, living, and movement.

Abigail incorporates the poses and breath of Hatha yoga, the skill in action of Karma yoga, unconditional love and devotion of Bhakti yoga, benefits of meditation through Raja yoga, and intellectual self realization through the studies of Jhana yoga.

Come as you are, clear the clutter of the mind, and reconnect to your inner wisdom.

Thai Massage;

Each session is tailored to the client and their body’s specific needs. Without the use of lotion or oil the client lays on a mat and wears comfortable clothing. Rhythmic pressing, joint mobilization and stretching is used to increase circulation of blood and lymph, enhance flexibility for greater range of motion and promotes deep relaxation which can improve the clients personal outlook and emotional well-being.

Flying Therapeutics;

An extension of Thai Massage. Taking it into the air, the client is being moved around while “flying” on the hands and feet of the practitioner, who is lying on their back. This inverted massage frees the body and mind from tension to allow greater body awareness and uses gravity to naturally extend the spine leaving the client feeling light and aligned both energetically and physically.

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