Bri Griffen

Yoga as a spiritual practice (Hatha Flow)

In this class we will explore what it means have yoga as a spiritual practice. We will use intention, breath, and meditation to explore all aspects of yoga in a traditional sense, and walk the subtle path that leads us inward. Students will be invited to surrender and presence themselves in way that cultivates inner peace and connection with the divine. Each class will have inner reflections and themes for different aspects of our lives.This class will include pranyama(breathing excercises), Asanas(physical poses), Samadhi(meditation) as well as  occasional mantra or chanting. We will meet for 90 min each class.

When I first decided to study to become a yoga teacher, I wanted to study a form of yoga that had an emphasis on the spiritual side of yoga. That desire led me to a training in India, where I studied Sivananda, a traditional form of hatha yoga. A big part of my curriculum outside of Asana practice, was studying the Bhagavad Gita, doing daily pranayama and Samadhi. There is a peace and stillness that can be found in these other aspects of Yoga that I wish to share in the form of offering this class. This will not be a traditional Sivananda class, rather an exploration of the truths I found through the study of that form.


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