Happy Om

Once upon a time, “Happy Om” began as the business identity of an American yogi/healer from Las Vegas. Born in March of 86, “Loren David Baum” (aka “Sugriva Chaitanya”, Aka “Bom Anuenue”) began to teach vinyasa yoga and share Reiki in 2006 after traveling in India and training in Ashtanga Vinyasa the previous fall. By 2008, 12+ yoga classes a week were being shared in Yoga studios and Gyms, in addition to hosting weekly consciousness gatherings and seeing private clients for energy work and life coaching. Collecting wisdom and healing techniques over the next 5 years while living in different unique places throughout California, Hawaii, and Mexico, Happy Om began sharing Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), Raw Food, Mediation and Compassionate Communication, Contact Dance classes, Aqua stretch and YogaDance, Intuitive Bodywork, Inspirational Music and Kirtan, Breath playshops, rich satsangs, personal consciousness evolution work and more. A lover of Ecstatic Dance, eye contact, tantra, permaculture, and sacred ceremony, Happy brings a unique joy and presence and presents a special integration of modern wisdom for the awakening and highest joy of all beings.
Happy now lives in Grass Valley and now makes his living sharing traditional Thai massage, his unique range of motion body work “HappyStretch” (“Happy Shoulders”), yoga, contact dance, Reiki, sound healing, as well as playing and teaching Ukulele.  
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