Hilary Jordan

Hilary Jordan was born in Sacramento, in 1978 and has been dancing since age 3, and teaching (ballet, modern, jazz, tap, improvisation) for 23 years.  She has lived in Nevada County for almost since 2013, in Iowa for 8 years in a meditation town called Fairfield (there is an Oprah episode about it, no joke).  Her Elements of Health business was in Iowa, Rancho Murieta,  Roseville, and then Auburn for the last two years, this is her website www.hilaryslementsofhealth.com  She has been doing yoga and meditation, studying alternative medicine and spirituality for 20 years.  Hilary has been a ballerina, a modern dancer, a transcendental meditator, a director of shows, an Ayurvedic fanatic, an Energy Worker.   She has a BA in Psychology, Dance, Theater and Holistic Health from San Francisco State University, and a BA in Ayurvedic physiology from Maharishi University of Management.  She has a Masters in Vedic Science, the science of consciousness. She is certified in The Empowerment Process, Deeksha Oneness Blessing, Zumba, Creative Dance Psychology, Ayurvedic Lifestyle from California College of Ayurveda.  She still does Ayurvedic Consultation with pulse diagnosis, someday she may do spa treatments again like shirodhara.  She is certified in Massage from two different schools with 750 hours, and 12 years of experience.  She now specializes in Myofascial bodywork with energy work and sound healing, hot stones and crystals and essential oils.  Her Intuitive Sound Healing is a gift she accessed only a year ago and has been using with clients to cut through the mind, clear negative energy,  and go straight to emotions lodged in our bodies. She also loves to teach “Emotional Processing” which is a technique that can substantially improve your life if done on a regular basis.  After you learn this she would love to do Spiritual Counseling with you using The Empowerment Process and Wavicle Work (belief processing), Human Design, The Enneagram, Vedic Astrology, Oracle Cards.  This sounds fluffy but you would be surprised at what kind of substantial results have been achieved with this work.  She loves to teach “The Artist’s Way” and other things mentioned above, and she leads Druid Rituals for the 8 holidays of the year.  She loves dance as technique and exercise but also as spiritually sourced, creative, improvisation, choreography and performance.  Her dream is to teach children dance in a more whole way, to help adults transform emotional blocks and achieve dreams, to make spiritually sourced full community theater art, like her “Persephone-A Rock Ballet” created with a local musician when she had Passion Dance Studio.  Hilary is teaching Ballet, Acro Yoga and Beginners/Workout yoga,  at Yoga Well Studio now.  This is the foundation/beginning of many magical things!
HIlary Completed her Yoga Wellness 200 hour Teacher training  the the fall of 2018 and enjoys teaching all levels how to find their own practice.